10 Educational Songs for Young Kids


‘If music be the food of love, play on,’ said the bard. Did you know that we respond to music even before we are born? Babies can recognize and are soothed by music starting from when they are still in the womb. Our life is full of songs for every occasion. But music and songs are not just for fun and entertainment – as music also plays a role in learning and brain development in early childhood.

According to experts, there are multiple benefits of music education for young children. Research shows that music education improves vocabulary and reading comprehension skills, strengthens hand-eye coordination, develops powerful study habits, helps learn teamwork, and increases problem-solving ability. Music also helps kids be good listeners and react with a better understanding of other people’s emotions.

Engage your kids in self-directed music play and learning with Jook’s playlist of education songs below. These songs will make learning basic math and languages a fun and playful experience. We have compiled a Spotify playlist for you to use. Link this playlist to a Jooki token and give your child some quality, fun, screen-free time.

The Animal Sounds Song

Children love animals and love to imitate the sounds they hear in nature. Here is a good song that helps your kids learn and remember how different animals sound like. Listen and watch your kids roar “rawwww” like a lion!

The Ants Go Marching

Mathematics is the most dreaded subject for many of us! How about adding some music to math? Here is a fun song that helps your kids learn the first ten numbers. Kids sing this version so the sound will be familiar to them.

The Opposites Song

Teach your little ones about opposites by playing the opposites game! The ability to explain differences is key to a child’s brain development. You can imitate the size so your kids can associate words with their everyday meaning.

Brush Your Teeth

Learn good habits the easy way! This song is not only easily memorable but ensures your kid takes on the good habits of care and hygiene very seriously. It helps them follow a morning routine.

All About the Planets

Our beautiful world in the vast universe is a mystery. It’s a floating blue bubble that is part of the solar system. The song about the planets helps your little human learn about the solar system and our beautiful home.

I Am Learning to Spell My Name

Performed by Barney and written by Angelo Natalie, this is a song about how much fun is Barney having learning to spell their name. Sung by a child, the music is upbeat and celebrates the joy of learning.

Alphabet Animals

Learn alphabets through animal names and sounds. Performed by Bounce Patrol, the children’s entertainment group from Melbourne, Australia, this song is going to get your kid up and bouncing!

Vehicles ABC Song

Like the alphabet animal song, this one uses sounds and alphabets to know about vehicles. You can point to pictures in a book while listening to the song if you like. We bet you and your kid will enjoy making the sounds of vehicles when you are on your next road trip!

Baby Shark

Toddlers love repetition. And Baby Shark is a modern classic. It is a simple song that is easy for children to learn and repeat. The kids also learn about words like mummy, daddy, grandpa, and grandma which helps them connect to everyday words and the music.

If You’re Happy and You Know It

Children are learning about emotions and how to express them in front of you and family members. This classic song is not just all fun and dance, as it also helps your toddler learn to express their feelings safely. Put your hands together, or get your feet ready to stomp with friends and family.

Jooki is a fun, interactive, screen-free audio player for your kid. Link music or an audiobook with a Jooki token or figurine and share it with your little human today!

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