2021 Holiday Gift Ideas And Buying Guide Page: Toys Games And Stocking Stuffers

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What is a holiday occasion without toys and games…and of course for Christmas there is always the need for stocking stuffers. Welcome to our….

2021 Holiday Gift Ideas And Buying Guide Page: Toys Games And Stocking Stuffers

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The Kid’s Music & Story Player for a Screen-free Childhood.

Jooki / 2021 Holiday Gift Ideas and Buying Guide Page: Toys Games and Stocking Stuffers

 Jooki’s Technology


Jooki can be used by any child, anywhere, anytime to play favorite stories, music and songs. No screen in sight.

founders parented their innovative used of NFC technology and electronics, with the result that kids only need a figurine or a token to operate Jooki – with no screen involved!

Developed, designed, and tested with kids and parents, Jooki generation 2 features Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, stylish buttons, more colorful tokens, 8GB of internal memory, and 8 hours of battery life.

Montessori inspired music & stories player for a screen-free childhood
Play Spotify + MP3s for precious moments of learning, creativity and fun without the screentime!

How It Works:



  • Once a grown-up associates content to a figurine or a token using the Jooki App, a child only has to place it on Jooki for the playlist to start. It’s magic at a kid’s fingertips!
  • Bond with your child by linking audiobooks, podcasts, favorite playlists, or personal audio files to Jooki figurines and tokens. Your kids will only have to place one of them on a Jooki to start listening!
  • Cordless and portable, your child can enjoy their most loved audiobooks, podcasts, or music playlists at home, on the school bus, or during long road trips! Just sit back and enjoy Jooki.
  • FAQ: https://imanagesystems.force.com/jookifaq/s/


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