Innovation for kids: a WiFi and Bluetooth speaker that is kids-friendly… finally!

A connected music speaker for kids presented at IFA Berlin 2017

Jooki was presented at IFA Berlin last week and encountered a great success. IHS Markit Innovation Award chose Jooki as runner-up for Personal Entertainment.

Have you ever tried to share music with kids without handing over your phone or tablet?

Music can be such a gift! With this in mind, MuuseLabs created Jooki: the first connected music player that is easy and fun to use. Place a figurine on top of Jooki, it works!

Jooki is designed to share the magic of music with the entire family. Kids get to choose their own music or stories without a distracting screen. Parents stay in control, they upload the music or stream it. Possibilities are multiple: stored playlists, playlists from iTunes, Wi-Fi streaming, Bluetooth, voice mail, voice recording, etc.

Jooki has been successfully funded on Kickstarter in August 2016. The production is now rolling and Jooki will be available online and in stores beginning of Fall 2017.

MuuseLabs, the startup behind Jooki, is based in Brussels, Belgium.