New Jooki Screen-Free Speaker

The first Jooki Speaker is a music story player with Spotify music and audiobook streaming for kids. Jooki comes with NFC-enabled ToyTouch® Technology, which allows youngsters to control Jooki with figurines or tokens rather than screens or parental supervision. The award-winning Jooki connects through WiFi and Bluetooth, allowing parents to empower their children to develop creativity and emotional awareness through their own access to a vast choice of pre-selected songs, music, and stories. Jooki is now less expensive, quicker, lighter and it’s enchanting at a child’s fingertips.


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Jooki is a music player that children may use freely in a screen-free environment. Upload your own content for offline usage, or listen to Spotify playlists or web radios online. Each character is associated with a playlist. When the figure is put on Jooki, the music or tale begins. Jooki is so simple to use and well-designed that your young music enthusiast will fall in love with it right away. You, as a parent, retain control over the material. For offline use, you may link to Spotify playlists, online radios, or upload your own material. The Jooki app also has parental restrictions, such as the ability to disable the Jooki remote.

It’s all so straightforward that I’m sure even your kid’s grandparents can figure it out. In addition to uploading your own MPS, Jooki may be used in conjunction with a premium version of Spotify or Deezer, as well as stream from a variety of online radio stations. You can buy a memory card that can be plugged into the Jooki’s base to save music on the gadget itself, which is useful for a road trip or being out and about, as is the eight-hour battery life. When in airplane mode, Jooki will continue to operate with existing playlists.

It is up and running in no time thanks to the bright colors, well-made characters as tokens, and a parent-proof start-up tutorial. While opening the package, the box simply slides out to show the first four tokens and the Jooki itself; any child would be thrilled to receive that brilliant gift of joy.




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Remember the boom box when you were a kid? Well this is the modern version of the boombox for young kids with out destroying their hearing. My little one loves listening to his favorite songs on this and can hold it and dance with it at the same time.

We sure approve because the sound quality is amazing and you can manage the volume to protect tiny ears. It is strong (and splash-proof) plus looks wonderful. The software is updated via the Jooki app when needed. The Jooki is thoughtfully designed, cool, well-made, and user-friendly. The Jooki’s controls are also quite simple to operate. It is appreciated how simple they were and how they lit up when Jooki was turned on and operating.  The ability to manage the player from the phone, overriding the character/token settings, was a huge plus. It looks fantastic and is simple to grip and transport. It’s solid and heavy, but not so heavy that the child can’t handle it. Jooki is also durable with a sturdy mini handle for carrying.

The characters quickly become devoted to Jooki. Your youngster will love this and can learn a lot from the audiobooks you play and more. Have them take Jooki to the car, beach or friend’s house. Remember it may be used both indoors and outside as a splashproof gadget.



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Jooki player plus 2 tokens costs $112.99 (plus delivery) and contains the Jooki speaker, two Jooki tokens with pre-programmed playlists, and a charging wire. You can also get the speaker with more tokens or buy extra tokens on the site.

There are sets of 6 colored tokens and 5 popular figures available. The latest generation Jooki 2, which is faster, lighter, and less expensive than the first model, is now available. The screen-free gadget is intended for families who wish to stimulate their children’s imaginations while limiting screen usage. Make sure to bookmark this page since this will make an excellent holiday gift.


by Kristina Marleen Decena