Scary Stories & Spooky Songs Help Kids

Scary Stories & Spooky Songs Help Kids


Once upon a time…


Do you remember your teacher or parents reading fairy tales to you as a little child? All those sweet stories for kids. The wolf eating Little Red Riding Hood’s grandma. The Old Woman who tries to bake (and eat!) Hansel and Gretel. The Pied Piper of Hamelin who lures away a village of children. The Little Match Girl who freezes to death outdoors in a dark alley. Oh, yes, good times!


As children we listened to, read and re-read those scary stories — because we liked the exhilaration of being a bit scared. We were learning the ability to face fear, confront it, and then cast it aside. This is a healthy thing for all children to master in their own way.


Most children are drawn to (age appropriate) scary stories. They instinctively know the difference between what is being presented to them (by parents and caretakers) as their real world environment vs a story setting. A story setting where evil spirits and monsters exist is possible but temporary. It’s a place to visit but, more often than not, not the place a child wants to call home.


It’s good for your child to grapple with the range of emotions fear invites: anxiety, sorrow, confusion, surprise, anger. Listening to or reading a scary story can be a tool for managing or controlling reactions to fear. Do your best to remind yourself that it is good for your child to experience and process new feelings, even uncomfortable ones. It’s part of them growing up into secure and capable adults.  


As parents and caregivers, our role is to understand this, to invite discussion, choices, and to make a variety of stories available. So we’ve created a Spotify audio stories playlist to help you with that. Assign it to one of your Jooki tokens — or better yet — to your Alex the Ghost storyteller figurine!


Here’s just a sample of the stories on the Jooki Spooky Halloween Stories for Kids playlist. 


The Birth of Frankenstein

The Monkey’s Paw

Ivy’s Chilling Tales

The Witch in the Tower

The legend of Sleepy Hollow

… and more!


Halloween Songs for Littles


If your child is a bit too young for Jooki Spooky Halloween Stories for Kids, try our Jooki’s Halloween Songs for Young Kids playlist. It’s filled with fun, silly, spooky(ish!) songs for toddlers, preschoolers, kindergarteners — all your little goblins. 


This playlist includes 25 songs — from Casper the Friendly Ghost to Troll Under My Bed.


Of course, you can assign this playlist to any Jooki token and stream with Spooky Spotify. Give it a try.

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